All stories have a beginning

Or they all flow and change? The days of crying out of strain, anger and despair are not over yet. The days of waiting for answers from public institutions that never arrive are not over yet. I know I will endure them again, we will endure them again, and a family with a seriously disabled child is never sufficiently ready to live these moments of helplessness before bureaucracy.

In all stories there are people, and this one is no different. Thanks to all their support, the Casa della Sabbia charity came into being. Those who have joined did so out of solidarity with us, because without Hervé and his story this charity wouldn’t be here, to help other families living a similar situation.

During the development process of this association I received help from many people: a lawyer (who gave us opinions on the situation of Hervé), a notary (who made the charity’s notary deed), a translator (who translated the contents of this website from Italian to English), a graphic designer (who created the charity’s logo), and friends who encouraged us to go on and fight for our right to have a life.

All these people have been invaluable, and thanks to their help we were able to launch this charity and its website. The road ahead of us is long, and we don’t know where it will take us. We will begin the journey along it, in small or big steps, depending on the material and immaterial resources that we may have.

Thanks to our blog we will keep you updated on our journey.

But let’s stop talking. Now is the time to start walking.

See you soon.


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