The organisation

This non-profit Organisations was created in October 2017 to:

  • support the families with seriously disabled children for who the Italian national health system doesn’t provide adequate solutions to guarantee the best welfare and home care and preserve family life,
  • help claim their rights: the right to have a life as normal as possible even with a seriously disabled child,
  • give some space to brothers and sisters of disabled children and to lead them out of the darkness they often live in,
  • analyse the phenomena connected to the disability,
  • be a point of reference for mothers of seriously disabled children that are trying not to give up their professional life which gives them not only economic independence, but also personal satisfaction.

Here you can read about our initiatives.


Executive committee

  • President: Agnieszka Stokowiecka
  • Vice President: Sonia Furci
  • Secretary: Patrick Creux
Members during Assembly in February 2020

Why are we called La casa di sabbia (the Sand House)?

La casa di sabbia (Sand House) nonprofit organization aims to increase awareness and independence of families with severely disabled children. We want to add some “grains of sand” defending children’s rights, supporting parents and giving opportunities to siblings. Each grain is intended to help living after the traumatic event of discovering their own child disability.

Activity Report and Budget – 2019

This report, after a brief reference to the structure and the objectives of our Association, retraces the activities of its second year, describing the initiatives carried out — including those which unfortunately have not (yet) paid off — and explains the main headings of the 2019 Budget.
A report looking at the achievements, but also at the steps forward. Our Association proposes new targets for 2020, in hopes of strengthening its foundations. We do wish to become a reference for those families who live “non-ordinary” difficulties, which make them stronger, precisely like our Association. You can read here: Activity Report and Budget – 2019.