Initiative about summer centres closed with 36 weeks offered

We are happy to share with you the results of our initiative about summer centres for brothers and sisters of children with disability.

Inside the project #unpodivita (a little bit of life), started during the autumn of the last year, our association, for the summer 2018, decided to offer 35 weeks inside summer centres to brothers and sisters of children with disability (here you can read details of our initiative, put online last spring).

We know that summer for families with children is a period really hard to manage, but it becomes harder if there’s a child with disability whom requires constant cares.

With this initiative we wanted to offer to brothers and sisters a moment of fun and serenity to spend with equal in age and thanks to you all that believes in this project and your donations we have been able to:

  • finance 36 weeks inside summer centres in four Italian regions: Valle d’Aosta (28), Piemonte (4), Lombardia (2) and Umbria (2)
  • make the 16 children who attended them happy
  • help economically and in a direct way 15 families (we payed directly summer centres for them)
  • support the expense of an educator who could help some children with difficulties inside one of the summer centres in Valle d’Aosta

In all we spent 4.254,60 euros.

Behind these numbers there are families, their stories, the daily difficulties they face with a child with disability, and the hope to be able to give the best they can to their children!

Thanks to all that people who helped us to reach this little result.

We don’t stop here!

We’ll put online soon the form to take part of our project for the autumn/winter edition. We would want to offer to brothers and sisters of children with disabilities some activities outside their educational setting: foreign language classes, sport activities, music classes or any activity families will believe appropriate and the child desires.

Inside the form, families will be able to point out the need of special assistance for the child with disability, so that we will be able to create little moments of rest for parents, time to spend alone or with the other children of them.

We will be grateful if you support our project!

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