First Birthday for La casa di sabbia!

Today La casa di sabbia has its first birthday.
We would like to thank each of you for contributing in all ways (economically, physically and morally) to the growth of our association.

We promise you that we will continue supporting families with seriously disabled children with all our competencies and dedication and do everything possible to obtain from the government and public offices adequate solutions to guarantee the best welfare and home care and preserve family life.

What we achieved in this first year of activity:

  • Free school transport service for students with disabilities in Valle d’Aosta (the service had to be paid; some aspects need still to be implemented but we will continue working on them);
  • Provide transparent access to the caregiver subsidies available in Valle d’Aosta as part of the “Fondo per la non autosufficienza” fund for non-self sufficient person;
  • Provide legal advice to 7 families with economic difficulty (including legal action to obtain a nurse at Herve’s school);
  • Pay for 15 families from Valle d’Aosta 36 weeks of summer centers of their choosing for 16 brothers and sisters to grant them the possibility to spend time with other kids and have fun;
  • Create a support group in Valle d’Aosta for disabled children’s brothers with the guidance of a psychotherapist (to be started in November);
  • Continue initiative (in progress) for the adoption of clear guidelines on artificial nutrition in school (without these guidelines children risk not to go to school);
  • Prepare a public legislative proposal in Valle d’Aosta to obtain economical contribution for travel and stay expenses during health care activities outside the region (in progress);
  • Raise awareness on children’s home care: Thanks to the willingness of the Aostan photographer Stefano Scherma and to the participation of initiatives organized by Edileco Run24, Carlsberg Italia S.p.A, Gignod Library, Charvensod High School – scuola media and Quart community association.
Agnieszka Stokowiecka and Sonia Furci with Paola Borgnino at Radio Proposta Blu during thier interview.

The most important experience during this first year was to meet virtually or in person fabulous people who care about families with seriously disabled children. They are shocked about the actual sustain of the Public System and would like to support us in improving it.

Serious disability may happen to everybody, but family life must exist anyway. This becomes very difficult without adequate support from the Public System. We aim to raise awareness about this subject which is part of families’ daily routine.

Thank you so much for being part of our families!



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